5 Popular Myths Of Breast Enlargement

5 Popular Myths Of Breast Enlargement

Have you ever heard an aunt or other female relative talk about breasts and the various ways to increase their size and more?

Most of these don’t have any scientific proof of working but we still do them anyway ‘just in case’.

Although it sounds like most of these practices might not cause any harm, caution should still be exercised.


1. Doing Push Ups Will Increase Your Breast Size

In the first place, breasts do not contain any muscular tissue so they can’t be toned or raised like our thigh muscles for instance.

Additionally, doing a lot of exercise may reduce your weight and affect your breast size.


2. Birth Control Can Increase Breast Size

This is from the early days of ‘the pill’ which had a different composition of hormones compared to modern contraceptive options. Early versions of the pill had high levels of oestrogen which had the side effect of increased breast size.

Nowadays, birth control users may notice a small increase in breast size but this is partially due to fluid retention and after several cycles of the contraceptive, the effects should fade away.


3. Weight Gain Or Loss Can Affect Your Bust

This depends on how your body stores fats. When we gain weight, we gain fats throughout our body and not just in your breasts.

It must be said that if you lose weight too quickly, it could have a negative effect on the collagen and elastin that keep your breasts perky.


4. Drinking Papaya Milk Will Induce Breasts Growth 

Papaya milk is a popular drink that people swear by that increases your breast size. It is made with frozen papaya cubes blended along with fresh milk. There is no proof that this method works and ingestion of too much papaya may lead to diarrhoea and an upset stomach.


5. Breasts Enhancing Creams And Massages Products

There are a lot of breasts enhancing creams and massage oil products to increase your breast size naturally.

Scientifically, the only guaranteed ways to increase your breast size is weight gain, hormonal fluctuation or surgery.

However, there is still a market for products that say they can ‘increase fat cells or water retention’ in your breasts which sounds vaguely scientific but usually don’t work.

Do be mindful of these products because some may contain ingredients that can harm your health.


The only sure fire way to increase your breast size is through breast augmentation surgery. 


However, breast implants can wear out over time which is estimated to be about 10 years. The risk of rupture is higher as the implant ages.

Additionally, if you want to maintain your breast size and shape indefinitely, do be prepared to have a few follow up surgeries.

Another thing to keep in mind is that breast implants may permanently alter your breast tissue.

So if you change your mind and remove them, your breasts might not return to their previous pre-surgery shape. The breasts may even stay dimpled or wrinkled.

A lot of these myths are focused around increasing your breast size but keep in mind that every size is beautiful!

Embrace the way your body looks because the only opinion that matters on your body is your own!

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