3 Reasons Why Silicone Is Better Than Plastic

3 Reasons Why Silicone is Better Than Plastic

Silicone, first and foremost, is a material used in many industries and consumer products. It’s found in adhesives, coatings and sealants because it can withstand extreme temperatures and is moisture, salt and corrosion resistant. The most familiar form of silicone to most of us would be the caulk used around the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.

There are plenty of discussions happening on whether silicone is a better alternative to plastic as it’s reusable, its base – silicon – comes from quartz which occurs very commonly in sedimentary rocks but it also contains hydrocarbons which usually come from petroleum and natural gas.

No doubt, silicone products, especially in the kitchen outperform plastic due to its ability to withstand high temperatures such as in bakeware and also low temperatures such as ice moulds.

It is also durable, meaning it can be reused again and again. Silicone can also be food safe as it is an inert, meaning it won’t react to certain acids from food or leaching chemicals into the food if used to store food.

Here are 3 main reasons why we think you should consider incorporating silicone into your home as a way to cut out plastic.

1. Reusability

We’ve already mentioned how silicone can withstand extreme temperatures so it’s a no brainer to have silicone cookware. Another use of silicone includes coasters to put your hot pots on and also removable silicone lids. This reduces or even eliminates the use of single use plastic such as plastic wrap. These silicone lids can also be used to cover your tea or coffee to keep it warm while you’re working.

This also extends to reusable coffee cups and takeaway containers. Some paper cups have a lining of plastic that prevents it from being recycled.

Ditto with the plastic covers that come with these paper cups. Imagine the number of paper cups going into the landfill and they’ll probably still be there after we all expire!

Every time you use your silicone coffee cup, one less cup pollutes the environment.

An extra amazing thing about silicone coffee cups and containers is that most are collapsible so they won’t take up a lot of space in your bag.

2. Durability

A super popular alternative to plastic is glass because it is inert and won’t absorb smells from any strong-smelling food or drinks.

Glass is also recyclable and the resulting glass product is just as high quality and pure as the original material that was recycled.

Glass is also  temperature resistant which enables you to bake with it and even freeze leftovers.

However, one major drawback is its breakability. So, if you’re in a home with pets and children running about underfoot, silicone kitchenware is the best choice!

3. Better For The Ladies

One thing that many people don’t realise is that menstrual products pollute the environment especially because they are single use. And since there isn’t a safe way to recycle biohazards, these will end up in landfills too.

Menstrual cups are made out of medical grade silicone which greatly reduces the number of tampons and sanitary pads that end up getting thrown away.

There’s also the plastic applicators that also end up in the landfills too. Additionally, since they’re medical grade, it can be sanitised by boiling it for two to 10 minutes and allowing it to air dry.

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