5 Tips To Better Bowel Movement

5 Tips To Better Bowel Movement

There is no fixed amount of times or frequency for you to defecate in a day or week. For some, it might just be once a day and for others, it could possibly be twice.

Your bowel movements depend very much on the type of food that you eat, your age and daily activity. On top of that, the most important factor of all, is that you feel comfortable when passing the stools.

Life has its ups and downs and surely there are days when pooping feels like you’re sitting on a throne of torture and there are good days when it feels like you’re sitting on the royal throne.

To help you have the majority of days or even hopefully all days where passing motion feels nice and comfortable, here are 5 tips :

1. Hydration

The lack of water in your system can lead to harder stools. Hence, making it difficult for you to pass them.

2. Adequate Fibre

As cliché as it sounds, adequate fibre helps to keep your bowel healthy and this also gives you smoother excretion when it comes to your stools.

Adults are recommended to consume at least 25 grams of fibre a day for women and 38 grams for men.

3. Add Fibre Gradually

Piling up the fibre in one go may not be a good idea.

Too much fibre in a meal could cause gas and bloating. Instead, add fibre gradually by slowly increasing your fibre intake each meal.

4. Exercise

Exercise helps food move through your colon quicker.

5. More Grains

Grains such as brown rice and quinoa have a higher fibre content as compared to refined grains.

A healthy bowel movement is a good sign that your bowels are healthy.

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